Photoshooting for productadvertise

Last saturday I created a set for a product photoshooting. It was for an internet platform to sell different products private. Here are my experience with this one.

My saturday started early in the morning. It was 7:30 am in Austria and I awoke up for the shooting on this lately very hot day. First I build a small set for Baby wardrobes included a small Table and decorations.

For the big wardrobes like shirts combined with trousers and so on we created our own stand. The parasol was for a better shadow, because the sun was not only hot, she was bright too.


At the end of the day I put all the photos in the internet on the webplatform to sell the products via the web. I think it was a great thing and yes it was my first better productphotoshooting experience.

Next time I will present you photos of the Gig of Bonnie Tyler in Purkersdorf.