What I do when I’m on air and my mic is off

Since Saturday May 17th, 2014 our old webradio Hot Dream Radio – a German Language Radio – is online again, I’m a moderator on this crazy radiostream. An other moderator want to see what I do when the music is playing an my mic is off during the song. So I filmed it with my camera and uploaded it on my youtube channel. Here is the result.

If you want to listen me on my next radio show you can join us and you are huge welcome but please notice, that it’s a german radio and we speak mostly german. Hot Dream Radio

Photos by The Letter D

I found some stunning photos in the internet. The artist is a woman called Della De Leos from Manila, Philippines. She is artist, UP Diliman Student and a Photo, Art & Style Blogger.

Peoples who are know me, know that I love photos of the sky and of clouds and so I decide me to share with you these some photos of her. She run a website called The Letter D You can check out her website with more photos and more information about her.